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Shadow Regiment

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Shadow Regiment

Shadow Regiment is a top-down stealth game inspired by games like Metal Gear Solid, Commandoes and the Ultimate Assassin series. We have tried to combine solid stealth gameplay and polished levels with a deep and intriguing setting to create the ultimate flash stealth game. Players can choose from three initial classes (and one hidden class), each with their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. With a global scoreboard, achievements and a custom difficulty system which lets the player make the game as easy, or as difficult as they want, we hope that Shadow Regiment will prove our best game yet.

The player controls a member of the eponymous Shadow Regiment, a secret group of political dissidents, rogues, criminals, disgraced nobles and ne’er-do-wells devoted to the overthrow of the White King, the brutal ruling monarch of Antar, a northern kingdom in the middle of an industrial revolution. As a member of the Shadow Regiment, the player must infiltrate the city of Kharangia, evade the White King’s soldiers and sabotage the stores of supplies and ammunition that keep the royal armies in fighting condition. The plan for each operation is simple: Get to the objective, plant the bomb, get out…

…carrying out the plan, however, is a bit trickier.

The White King’s army is not so stupid as to leave their vital supplies of food, equipment and ammunition lie in the open, unprotected. The player will have to sneak past a legion of heavily armed enemies to get to complete his missions. From the shady back streets of the Factory District to the heavily-guarded fortresses at the heart of the White King’s power, the player will have to outsmart, outrun and evade patrolling guards, keen-eyed sentries, vicious guard dogs and imposing officers across 18 stages if they ever wish to stand a chance of overthrowing the iron-fisted regime of the White King.

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