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Fighting Spirit

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Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit is nice & addictive fighting game, With nice graphics and gameplay, Play as Andy and beat all enemies in 10 stage street fighting battle.. to find the strongest!

Here are some feature highlights:
-nice graphics & artwork
-nice fighting gameplay, with street fighter/mortal kombat style
-combo and special attack executing via key combination (e.g.: down+forward+punch for fireball)
-three difficulty level at story mode (easy,medium,hard) which enemies goes stronger
-10 stages battle against computer (AI) with boss at final level
-hit the enemy will increase the special bar. when it is full, you can release super fireball attack
-small filesize, only 1.2 MB & requires only Flash player version 6 or above to provide high backward compatibility.

keyboard controls:

direction : arrow key
punch : A
kick : S

Special attack:
running : forward + forward
uppercut : down (hold) + punch
fireball : back + down + forward + punch
shadow punch : forward + forward + punch



  • NOTE: there are many feedback about the fireballs. it almost made things a little too easy. maybe i can fix it by change combination key. so the player cannot easily throw fireballs.
  • rn

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